Hoyt Barber, Author and Consultant

From Hell to Havana

An International Thriller

From Hell to HavanaInternational financier Clifford Blackwell has more money than he can spend, a beautiful girlfriend, and a new yacht—so everything’s terrific, right? Right. Except that just below the surface, his life is a brewing nightmare. A previous business adventure has left him indebted to the CIA, and they interrupt his vacation in Monte Carlo with a demand to meet with them in Washington, D.C. To protect his immunity from prosecution by the feds, those double-dealing bastards, Cliff hurries back to the States and walks into a meeting that slams his life upside down and threatens to snuff it, again.

Events spin out of control as Cliff uncovers a complex and chilling web of international intrigue. The Chinese want to invade America before the terrorists take over by engaging their Western ally, Mr. Fidel Castro. But the plan is thwarted in the eleventh hour when the Chicago Outfit is hired in a clandestine operation to do a little dirty work, one that incriminates a U.S. government agency and may reach as high as the White House. But does it? Who’s in control here? In a hair-raising struggle to avert a nuclear attack on the United States of America and to save his own skin, Cliff chases the biggest surprise of all: who and what are really behind the unfolding horror in the red-hot zone between hell and Havana.

Hoyt BarberHoyt Barber is an authority on tax havens and offshore banking and has served as a financial consultant to clients worldwide. He’s had first-hand experience with the unique world of offshore finance and intrigue that sometimes goes with the territory.

Barber has authored twelve published books and From Hell to Havana is his first novel released in 2007; a vivid, timely and stunning portrait that might be eerily close to America’s next big nightmare. He has completed a second international thriller, Offshore Money, 2014.

The author is President of Barber Financial Advisors in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, provider of offshore financial services. His other interests over the years have included, flying, boating, diving, fishing, horses, cooking, travel, books, and his three daughters.