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Freedom without Borders

Freedom without BordersHoyt Barber's newest non-fiction title, Freedom Without Borders: How to Invest, Expatriate and Retire Overseas for Personal and Financial Success. Published by Praeger Publishers, Santa Barbara, CA, 2011. Second edition published by Barber Financial Advisors, 2020.

This intriguing book shows how to successfully expatriate one’s funds, assets, and even oneself and ones family. For safety, profit, privacy, and an inexpensive, better life.

According to knowledgeable sources, some tens of thousands of Americans leave the United States every year. These figures are likely to increase significantly over the next decade as retiring Baby Boomers, and other generations behind them, seek shelter from excessive bureaucracy and a shaky economy, and look for a way to protect their eroding personal wealth. Is expatriation the answer?

The idea of moving to a new country has always been of interest to adventurous beings who relish the notion of basking in a beautiful place where one can live like a king for dimes on the dollar. The dream is achievable, but only if you first safely move your assets. That is what Freedom Without Borders: How to Invest, Expatriate, and Retire Overseas for Personal and Financial Success is all about.

Written for anyone seriously concerned about strategies for protecting assets, as well as lifestyle, this comprehensive guide covers everything one needs to know to do that successfully outside of the United States. The book focuses on personal finance considerations for those contemplating moving or investing abroad, rather than on culture aspects of such a decision. It presents specific alternatives for finding—and shifting assets to—an ideal haven, showing readers how to protect personal wealth even as they discover a freer, more peaceful way to live, invest, and/or retire.



Table of Contents


  1. Logistics of International Diversification

    Asset Preservation Strategies
    Challenges to Avoiding Taxation Anywhere
    Structuring Your Personal, Business and Financial Life
    The T-8 Tax Havens and Offshore Banking Centers
    Geopolitical Investment Diversification
    The Great American Tax Loophole
    Renouncing Your Citizenship
    Economic Citizenship and Retirement Programs
    Logistics of International Diversification
  2. The Best Offshore Structures

    International Business Corporation (IBC): Belize, Cook Islands, Nevis
    The Offshore Corporation: Panama Style
    Limited Liability Company (LLC): Nevis, Panama, Cook Islands
    Asset Protection Trust (APT): Belize, Nevis, Cook Islands
    The Foundation: Panama
    The Benefits of Owning Your Own Offshore International Bank
    Establishing a Tax-Free Offshore Operating Business
    Flags-of-Convenience: Offshore Ship and Yacht Registration
    Country Profiles: Belize, Nevis, Panama, Cook Islands
  3. The Economics of Sovereign Investing

    The Great Recession
    The Stimulus
    Today's Global Financial Crisis
    Investment Trends
    Your Own Personal (Private) Monetary Policy
  4. Global Investing and Investment Opportunities

    Offshore Bank Accounts: Personal and Business
    Establishing an Offshore Bank or Brokerage Account
    The Perfectly Legal Secret Offshore Bank Account
    Foreign Currencies
    Bonds and Stocks
    International Brokerage Firms
    Precious Metals
    Perth Mint Precious Metals Certificates
    Physical Storage of Precious Metals
    Precious Metals Dealers
  5. Why Switzerland is Still Important

    Swiss Banking and Swiss Investment Management
    Swiss Financial-Related Insurance Products
  6. International Real Estate

    Deciding Where to Buy Foreign Property—Important Factors Influencing Your Decision
    Real Estate Considerations
    Financing Your Foreign Property Investment
    Asset Protection for Your Domestic Real Estate
  7. Insurance Services for the Expat

    Public and Private Health Care in Your New Country
    International Medical Insurance
    Travel Insurance
    Hospital Insurance Plans
    Homeowner's Insurance
  8. Expat Haven, Tax and Incentives Guide

    12 Popular Expat Havens for North Americas
    Information on 18 Other Expat Havens
    Travel Destinations
  9. Avoiding the Pitfalls

    The USA Patriot Act
    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    Financial Action Task Force
    Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
    Money Laundering
    Qualified Intermediaries
    U.S. Taxpayer Reporting Requirements
    The Pentapus
    New Tax-Related Legislation
    Suspicious Activity Reports
    Tax Audits
    Tax Information Exchange Agreements
    Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty
    Fraudulent Transfers
  10. Resources for the Expat and Freedom Seeker

    Suggested Readings
    Swiss Banks for Asset and Investment Management
    Swiss Securities Brokerage Firms
    Swiss Insurance Companies
    Henley and Partners Group of Companies, Zurich, Switzerland
    Swiss and Other Organizations
    Offshore Investment and Financial Advisors
    Financial and Investment Services
    Offshore Financial Services
    Bank Resources
    International Real Estate Contacts
    Retirement Resources
    Medical and Travel Insurance
    Government Websites
    International Organizations
    Economic Citizenship Programs and Retirement Programs
    Tax Problems?
    Global Mail Drops and Serviced Offices Worldwide
    International English-Language Newspapers
    Online Information Resources, Miscellaneous
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Appendix: Henley and Partners Visa Restrictions Index Global Rankings, 2010


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